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CARBORES P: Carbonaceous Resin Powder and unlike coal tar pitch this product has very low benzo[a]pyrene level of 500ppm maximum making it environment friendly. It is a replacement of Solid Phenolic Resin for MgO-C bricks or Dolomite bricks and Cost Economic Solution.

Carbores T60: Liquid is a new alternative to Tar mainly used in manufacturing of Tap Hole Mass and Ramming Paste. It is also known as a Single Binder System.

Carbores F112M is low benzo[a]pyrene special pitch mainly used in manufacturer of DOLOMITE bricks


  • CARBORES P is a carbonaceous powder with very high Softening pt > 220OC and very high coking yield; unlike other carbon additives like Carbon Black or graphite, It provides binder properties. It is used as an additive for resin-bonded Magnesia-carbon (MgO-C) or Dolomite bricks & Alumina-carbon (Al2O3-C) refractories & also additive for tap-hole mix or blast furnace runner mix, for Magnesia-carbon or Alumina-carbon Monolithics and for some specialty graphite producers

  • CARBORES T60 is a single binder system with viscosity similar to coal tar but has several advantages over coal tar when used to make Tap Hole Mass or Ramming Paste
  • CARBORES F112M is a low benzo[a]pyrene coal tar pitch environment friendly product used mainly for Dolomite bricks and other specialized applications

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