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Kraft Lignin for Dispersants


Our Kraft Lignin is a very high purity product with high dispersibility and reactivity in chemical formulations. It is separated during the kraft pulping process. This Kraft Lignin is best suited for very specialised applications like dispersants in dyestuff industries.

Technical Data – 

Physical form
Free flowing brown powder
Lignin dry content, %
Impurities, %
– Ash
– Sulphur
– Residual carbohydrates

max. 2.5
max. 3.0
max. 2.0
pH (40% slurry in H2O)
2 – 4
Particle size <100μm, %
~ 70
Bulk density, kg/m3
400 – 450
Average molecular weight, Mw
6000 – 7000


  • Solid – in bags stuffed in containers

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