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coal tar pitch

Coal Tar Pitch

Coal Tar Pitch Our Coal Tar Pitch is best suited for Clay Targets, Activated Carbons, Pavement Seals, Roofing Applications, Carbon Brush Manufacturing, Water Proofing Medium Temperature: Technical Data –   PROPERTIES […]

coal tar pitch

Binder Pitch

Binder Pitch Medium Temperature: Technical Data –   PROPERTIES  INDEX Softening Pt (Met) 105–115°C Toluene Insolubles 20 – 35% Quinoline Insolubles 6 – 13% Coking Value, Conradson min. 55% Ash max.0.4% […]

Graphitized Petroleum Coke

Graphitized Recarburizer (Graphitized Petroleum Coke) highly pure, stable and very high quality. Main Features of the product are as follows: High Carbon Content 99% – 99.9% Low Sulphur 0.01 % […]