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Coal Tar USP Grade

Coal Tar USP Grade

Topical Solution USP? 
Coal Tar USP Grade

Coal Tar USP grade is used as topical medical treatment for conditions such as psoriasis and dandruff and is a part of formulation of anti-dandruff shampoos, skin care ointment products, and hair care products. This product may also be used for other types of rashes (such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, chronic exudative dermatitis).

Specifications of US Pharmacopeia grade

% Purity of Coal Tar100% Coke Oven Coal Tar Derived Contains No Residual Solvents
Appearance/ColourDark Amber To Black,Viscous Liquid
Specific Gravity @ 25 Deg C [Pycnometer]1.08 Min
OdorCharacteristic, Naphthalene-Like
% Residue On Ignition2.0% Max [0.5G, 600C—USP 281]
Benzo[a]Pyrene7,000 ppm,Max
IR, IdentificationTo match STD

#Packing: 235.872 Kgs Drums
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Coal Tar Topical Solution

Coal Tar Topical Solution USP

Coal Tar Topical Solution USP used as API for medical treatment conditions such as psoriasis, anti-dandruff, skin care, hair and scalp care.