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Since 1995, Zen International established long term product sourcing arrangements from world renowned manufacturers like RUETGERS Germany, BASA Spain, ASBURY USA and many more from South Korea, China.

Power of Knowledge has been the key for our research oriented international marketing & promotion to select markets. We are the Catalyst for the supply chain environment developing long term supplier & customer collaboration.

Team of experienced professional, passionate and committed to provide solutions to both suppliers and end users of chemicals. Creating scope for alternative raw materials sources in different application areas by our consistent efforts. Providing a ready made platform for new manufacturers & suppliers to come aboard.

Data Analysis and constant monitoring of the global chemical market and advising our key associates to make well informed decisions.

Green Chemistry is the need of the hour, focused onto eco-friendly substitutes of chemicals which gives an edge to our associates to remain ahead of their peers & fulfil their commitment towards the environment. Encourage our clients to use high quality recovered and recycled chemicals thereby be responsible towards a greener world tomorrow.

Focused to Industries with application-based know-how and industry expertise, the Sectors Served are Construction Chemicals , Drilling Chemicals , Lubes and Greases , Hydraulic Fluids, Refractory , Paints & Polymer , Dyes , PU Foams , UPR Resins , Paper Chemicals, Friction , PTFE , Pharma & many other.

Committed to be Your Complete Sourcing Partner for Chemicals. A platform for our clients to get the right market for their product ranges.

Whenever you need to source raw materials or seek a new market for your products, just think ZEN.