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3 Mercaptopropionic Acid

3-Mercaptopropionic Acid

3 Mercaptopropionic Acid [3-MPA] contains both carboxylic acid and thiol groups. 3 Mercaptopropionic Acid [3-MPA] is a colorless oil and derived from the addition of hydrogen sulfide to acrylic acid.

Application Area:

  1. Pharmaceutical intermediate;
  2. Chain transfer agent for Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer
  3. Raw material for PVC tin stabilizers;
  4. Concrete admixture.


  • CAS No.:107-96-0
  • Molecular Formula:C3H6O2S
Appearance, VISUALClear water Colour Liquid
Melting Point, ℃16.8 ℃
Purity, %99 Max
Colour, APHA45 Max
Acid Number550 Max
Boiling Point, ℃85-86 ℃
Flash Point, ℃93 ℃

Packing : 250 Kg drum with pallets

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