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Green Alternative for Bitumen

Green Alternative for Bitumen

Kraft Lignin A Sustainable Future

Green Alternative for Bitumen: Our Kraft Lignin can replace bitumen in asphalt application thereby lead to a sustainable & eco-friendly approach to improve carbon footprint in today’s world.

Reduce emission while using Bitumen by replacing it with our proven product and technology. It’s polyphenolic structure makes it especially suitable for several end uses. Traditional hot mix asphalt results in high carbon emissions and is a disaster to the environment, which is undesirable to the development of a low-carbon economy.

Replacement of bitumen with our lignin is technically possible, we have seen substantial replacement with good results.  

Kraft Lignin is Future READY Green Alternative for Bitumen in Asphalt Applications

Technical Data – 

Physical formFree flowing brown powder
Lignin dry content, %92-97%
Average molecular weight, Mw6000 – 7000

#Packing:  in bags stuffed in containers
#Certification: ECHA REACH Exempted

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